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Specialization in Gearbox repair by GBS Gearbox Services international


Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam is the result of a merger in 2004 of Schaaf- en Boorwerk located at the Stadionweg in Rotterdam, Machinefabriek Rotterdam located at the Willingestraat and Carmeta in Oud-Beijerland. All 3 companies have joined forces in a new housing in Oud-Beijerland. In 2008, the company was taken over by Mr D.A. van Ekeren, formerly director of Stork Gears & Services B.V. As a result, a number of employees of Stork also decided to make the switch. Thereby we were able to add new disciplines in Maintenance to Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V.

Herewith the machining expertise of the former Schaaf- en Boorwerk and Machinefabriek Rotterdam, the mechanical and maintenance experience of Carmeta and the experience of Stork Gears & Services were bundled. So an powerful company in Maintenance is established.


Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V. has over the years developed into a machine workshop for workpieces of large dimensions. Turning, milling and punching are the most important machining operations. In particular, the size of projects that can be machined is distinctive. In 2008 Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V. is strenghtened by a number of employees of Stork Gears & Services B.V. in Rotterdam. This is the first step in specialization to brand-independent inspection and repair of gearboxes.

In september 2009 we made the next step in this strategy. At that time, we continued the recruitment of skilled personnel in gearbox inspection and repair, started to promote our new gearbox services and finally made a start with the necessary investments. Moreover, we remain with full conviction happy to serve our customers with our current possibilities. But a further focus is necessary and a challenge for the future.

Our mission for the next 3-5 years is as follows:


We will distinguish the next expertises:

  • Pre-inspections / advice / trouble-shooting on location
  • (De-)Installation and project management on-site
  • (De-)Assembly in our workshop
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing of parts for gearboxes
  • Repair methods of existing components, such as - laser cladden

  • In november 2009 we decided to change the name for our gearbox service activities in GBS Gearbox Services international.