GBS Gearbox Services international brand of Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V.
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Gearbox Machine Diagnostics

Machine Diagnostics

Our team of inspection engineers is one of the most experienced and well educated in Western Europe.

We have done many inspections and Failure root cause analyses in many industrial, maritime and wind industries.

Further our department has knowledge on
- Condition based maintenance
- Equipment health management
- Torque and power measurements

We invested in 2009 in all the available most up-to-date inspection and analysis equipment.
Inspection of gearboxes

Gearbox inspection, repair and commissioning

GBS Gearbox Services is an new company that was established in 2009.

We recruited 25 specialists in the business of gearbox repair, with specialization on engineering, service, trouble-shooting and manufacturing.

Our goal is to service our world wide customers with most up-to-date knowledge on gearboxes within an flexible organization.

We are an independant repair company for all brands in all maritime, industrial and wind industries.
Engineering of gearboxes


Our engineering department focuses on all issues of gearboxes.

A broad practical experience combined with modern equipment makes us distinctive.

Our department consists of employees with an average of 15 years experience in gearboxes of many brands for many applications, such as wind, the dredging industry, shipping, energy production and container and bulk handling.

Machining operations

We are able to manufacture new parts or duplicate existing parts.

We manufacture in series or one offs and are able to work with a large variety of exclusive materials. Required materials could be specified or supplied by the customer.

Everything is possible!

The machined parts or components may vary from several centimeters to ten meters in length and even may vary from a few kilos up to several tons.