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arrow New Leistritz keyseater machine

February 2017 - GBS adds new Leistritz keyseater machine and new Fathaco TUR 710 MN SERIES high-precision lathe read more

arrow Gearbox load testing

February 2017 - GBS builds new 500KW test stand for advanced gearbox load testing read more

gearbox test standgearbox test stand
arrow New machine hall

January 2017 - GBS invests in new machine hall for its gearbox division read more

gbs machine hallmachine hall
Research of leakage of gearboxes

November 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services has initiated an research and developement department for prevention of leakage of gearboxes read more

gearbox leakageleaking
New activity lasercladden operational

October 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services has started with it's laserclad activity read more

New development of test facility for gearboxes

October 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services has started with it's laserclad activity read more

gearbox test facilitytesting gearbox
Research in the speed and quality of gear manufacturing

March 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services has recruited a new employee to strengthen the team of high quality gear manufacturing and bring it to the next level. read more

gearsgear production
Laser Cladding

March 2015 - GBS has added a new technology to serve our customers faster and increase the life-time of high wearing components read more

High Tech Centre in Delft

Februari 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services International will join the High Tech Centre in Delft , read more

tech centre
WASUB // TU Delft DreamTeam

Januari 2015 - GBS Gearbox Services International will join the WASUB // TU Delft DreamTeam. read more

uboatu boat
Geert Vander Schueren - Belgium/France

Januari 2015 - Mr. Geert Vander Schueren is representing Gearbox Services in Belgium and France, read more

Check and analyse gears of unknown make within minutes of time

In january 2015 we can serve You with on-site gear measuring. We have bought an protable 6 axes portable gear measurement tool. With this tool we can check and measure the profiles on-site of unknown gears. With this tool we have a universal, highly sophisticated and fully comprehensive 3D coordinate measuring device.

For our customers, this has the advantage that we can measure components in the gearbox. Vulnerable parts need no longer to be transported with all the risks. Gearboxes should be opened just for an short lead-time. Existing heavy gears that should be replaced, doesn't need to be transported with high costs.

gear measurement
New production facility for assembly of gearboxes

In November 2014 we decided to expand our premises, which will be ready in 2015. Due to the strong growth of recent years, the existing production areas have become too full. Also a more emphatic separation of the assembly of gearboxes and the machining operations has become necessary. In addition, the new production facilty will include: a modern test stand a dirty clean room a painting room

production facilityproduction
Uitbreiding verspanende capaciteit

Juli 2012 - In verband met de snel groeiende vraag van onze klanten, hebben wij in juli 2012 onze capaciteit uitgebreid met 2 draaibanken, met aangedreven gereedschappen.

Two new machines to provide an even better service

Juli 2012 – To expand our machinery department we bought two new high accuracy machines, the Mori Seiki NLX 2500Y and the PUMA 400M.
Both machines are bought to provide an extra boost to the production of gears and other related parts.
This enables us to offer our customers even more flexibility and service at any given time.

mori seikipuma
Technische Bedrijvendag

Januari 2012 - In de Hoeksche Waard zijn veel technische bedrijven gevestigd die actief zijn in de apparatenbouw, installatietechniek, technisch onderhoud etc. Al deze bedrijven maken zich zorgen over de vraag hoe ze in de toekomst aan goed technisch personeel moeten komen. Dit terwijl er op de scholen van de Hoeksche Waard zoveel slimme kinderen rondlopen die een goede boterham zouden kunnen gaan verdienen bij deze technische bedrijven. Om nu te bereiken dat er binnen de Hoeksche Waard meer bekendheid ontstaat over de technische bedrijven en het werk dat zij bieden organiseren een aantal bedrijven deze actie.

New Gear Profile Grinding Machine

August 2011 - We have orderd a new Gear Profile Grinding Machine, the NILES ZE 800. The NILES Gear Profile Grinding machines of ZE-Series are extremely suitable for precise grinding of external and internal gears with tip diameter up to 800 mm.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube

August 2011 - You can follow GBS Gearbox Services international on Twitter (, Facebook ( and Youtube (

follow us
New machining centers

July 2011 - On July 8, 2011 we have orderd two new CNC machining centers. The 3-axis NVX5100 and the price winning 5-axis NMV8000 will be added to our workshop. Both machines are of the brand Mori Seiki and will be used to fabricate gears. The machines will be operated by our employee Adjinder Leda.
See video

GBS Gearbox Services can advise You with partners for maintenance and on-site logistic handling

Jan. 2010 - The total repair costs and lead times are also determined by the logistical operations on site. If our customers do not have a regular supplier for total maintenance or for the on-site logistics, we can advise you with this. Furthermore, we want long term relationships with wind turbine maintenance companies to exchange the right practical data to obtain information on the performance of wind turbine gearboxes, thereby continuing to work on new improvements and modifications.

wind blade
New name for our worldwide gearbox services

Nov. 2009 - Since initiating our gearbox services, and the subsequent strong growth of our business, we have decided to change our brand name into Gearbox Services International (abbreviated GBS International). Our machining activities will keep the name of Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam.

GBS Gearbox Services international approved by Paulowski, Müller & Partners for windturbine gearbox inspections

Nov. 2009 - Our long experience in windturbine gearbox inspections is now as a new activity in our company, approved by PMP.

oil analysiswind energy
Worldwide Service

Oct. 2009 - See where we are working this moment. (picture right is just an example, click link for real-time-jobs)

real time job
Daily digital customer update information

Sept. 2009 - Customers from abroad have to rely on paper and on our word. Confidence should also be actively encouraged by us. We want to be an trustfull open company. We will introduce soon for our foreign clients, on a secure site,  the progress of their projects through daily update pictures, papers etc. This service is free and not mandatory but is just at your disposal.

digital communication
GBS Gearbox Service international active in windenergy

Sept. 2009 - GBS Gearbox Services international have recruited a team who has already performed many inspections on wind turbines. They have also inspected wind farms located all over Europe. Our team has worked for energy companies, insurance companies, windmill suppliers and independent service companies. We are now able to offer these forms of inspections by our company.

wind energybosch rexroth
Marc de Bleser will represent GBS Gearbox Services international in Belgium

Sept. 2009 - Starting from 1 october 2009 Mr. Marc de Bleser will start with our company. He will do the acquisitions in Belgium and the North of France for aswell gearbox inspections, diagnostcs and repair as machining of components in our factory.

New machine for spline and gear production

Aug. 2009 - In August we have acquired a new machine with high accuracy for the production of spline and other gears production. In September this machine was operational.

mori seiki
New Team Optimization Services

Aug. 2009 - Today we have formed our new team for onsite diagnostic services. Mr Arjan Visser and Walter Bonnier will after many years of experience in Stork Gears & Services BV join our company. This allows our customers to get the highest level in vibration measurements, torque measurements, geometric alignments, troubleshooting, commissioning, inspections and hands-on services.

First fase automated production

July 2009 - Today we placed an order for further automation of production of small parts. Although we are focussing in our strategy on large parts, we regularly have smaller complex parts in order. To this end, we take steps in a flexible automated handling of materials and finished products. The delivery will take place in September 2009. This robot will be operational in sept.

Further strengthening organization for extending expertise gearboxes

July 2009 - As of August 1, 2009, the gentlemen M. Opstal and T.van Frijters will enter employment at SB. Both gentlemen have extensive experience in Stork Gears & Services BV on the field of machining of parts of gearboxes and inspection, repair, and assembly of gearboxes. In this way Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam BV will increasingly invest in personnel for the new activity of Gearbox Maintenance, which will start by September 1, 2009.

Extension organization with a new employee Vincent van Ede

June 2009 - In June 2009, Mr. Vincent van Ede will be employed. Following his broad experience in Stork Gears & Services BV, he will be responsible within our company for the renewal of our machines base on the latest techniques, including the manufacture of gears.

werknemergear production
Alignment and flatness measurements

Nov. 2008 - In the months October and November, we expanded our service scope to align-and flatness measurements.

Organization strengthening

Sept. 2008 - In the months August and September have strengthened our organization. Besides a number of skilled workers in our factory, we could attract a number of experienced staff for workpreparation / sales and engineering.

werknemer GBSwerknemer GBS
Heavy Duty Turning Center

July 2008 - On July 3, 2008 we have ordered a Heavy Duty Turning Center PUMA 700LM. With this we have put a first step in the improvement and expansion of our turning operations.