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What do the projects look like for GBS engineers

What do the projects look like for GBS engineers

An example is the complete assembly and adjustment of this pump bearing block for a ship in the port of Rotterdam.

These pump bearing blocks are intended for a new ship to be built by a customer in the port of Rotterdam.

In addition to assembling and adjusting the parts into a working end product, the engineers carry out a final inspection. Parts are both visually checked and re-measured.

In addition, these specific bearing blocks are equipped with white metal / babitt bearings, in contrast to the more modern versions, in which mainly roller bearings are used. The white metal bearings must be scraped manually (with care) to obtain the correct surface structure, bearing pattern and clearances.

After assembling and checking / adjusting clearances and bearing images, the engineers record all measured values, details and photos of the assembly in a report. This report is delivered to the customer together with the bearing blocks.

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