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Gearbox inspection and overhaul to prevent gearbox failure

Gearbox inspection and overhaul to prevent gearbox failure

When a gearbox fails, this can have a big impact on our clients business. If this happens, we are always available to assist our clients with our services to get the gearbox up and running again as soon as possible.

When a gearbox had it's maximum running hours (as specified by the manufacturer of the gearbox) this not always means the gearbox will fail right after that. However it is always recommended to have the gearbox inspected after this point has been reached, so gearbox failure can be prevented.

A regular client in this exact situation from Europoort Rotterdam came to us with a gearbox from the brand WGW . We picked the gearbox up at the clients location and transported it to our headquarters in Oud-Beijerland. Our engineer inspected the gearbox and concluded that the gearbox needed an overhaul. The client was contacted by our sales department to talk about the inspection and to make an offer to overhaul the gearbox. The client accepted our offer and we started the work.

Beside the regular overhaul, some extra work was done to the gearbox:

- Applying oversized dowel pins
- The mechanical minimum clean-up of distance rings and spacer for renewal of the conical pinion shaft
- Renovate the bronze canister (2 pieces) for outgoing hollow shaft
- Renew labyrinth ring outgoing side
- Renew the breather cap (2 pieces)
- Renew the dipstick
- Applying a splash plate for the breather cap
- Renew the adjusting bolts (4 pieces) with nuts

After the overhaul was done, we fully tested the gearbox in our dedicated testing facilty. The gearbox passed the test, so we made the gearbox ready for shipment back to the clients location.

Pictures from the project are included below. If you are interesed in our services, contact our sales department today.