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Gearbox project for client in Hoogvliet

Gearbox project for client in Hoogvliet

Traditionally, many chemical companies have been established in the Rotterdam area. Think for example of the Botlek, Europoort and Pernis. But also in Hoogvliet are several companies established that are active in the chemical industry. This also applies to this customer who wanted to have a revision carried out on a gearbox of the brand Flender, a brand for which we carry out many revisions.

The gearbox arrived in our workshop in Oud-Beijerland. What was immediately noticeable was the poor condition of the gearbox's cupboard housing. However, after cleaning and disassembling the gearbox, it also turned out that the gears were in poor condition, so it was time for an overhaul.

We renewed both the pinion and the gear in the 1st stage. In addition, both the incoming and outgoing axis were repaired by means of laser cladding. This is a technique with which we can restore workpieces to their original state with minimal heat input, which was the ideal technique for the repair of both axes.

We also overhauled the e-motor and replaced all bearings, seals and seeger rings. To restore the cupboard housing to good condition, it was blasted, preserved and coated with a new layer of paint. The inside of the gearbox is of course the most important thing for functioning, but by applying a new layer of paint the outside will not rust and the gearbox can last for years.

It is of course of great importance to our customer that the gearbox can be put back in the factory and can participate in the production process. To ensure that the gearbox is fully functioning again, we performed a 4-hour test run in our test setup. No problems came to light during the test run and the gearbox was transported back to the customer.

Pictures from the project are included below. If you are interesed in our services, contact our sales department today.