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High speed gearbox project (including video)

High speed gearbox project

In February 2019 we received a request from a client to completely renew the internals of a high speed gearbox.. all within 3 weeks time. As you can probably imagine, finishing a project like this in only 3 weeks time is quite a challenge. With the full dedication of all internal departments, we were able to successfully finish the project within the rather short time-frame.

Testing the gearbox in our test-stand, was one of the challenges we had to face. Since our test-stand is designed for gearboxes up to 1800 rpm, we had to come up with a solution to be able to test the client's high speed gearbox.

So while we were renewing all the internals of the client's gearbox, we simultaneously developed a speed-up gearbox by reconstructing one of our own gearboxes.

In the video above project leader Rob and test-stand engineer Yod explain more about this project.

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