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Mechanical Service - Alignment and Flatness Measurements

Mechanical Service - Alignment and Flatness Measurements

Extension of mechanical activities
In preparation for a full service concept, we have expanded our activities to align and flatness measurements. This allows us both in our workshop and at your location to do this activity.

High end modular alignment system, extendable to all advanced shaft and geometric applications. This cutting-edge system possesses a large high resolution full VGA TFT color display making information easily readable in low light enviroments or sunlight conditions. ROTALIGN Ultra the number 1 tool in alignment features concise navigations keys, a very user-friendly and intuitive user interface, a heavy duty Li-ion rechargeable battery plus an ergonomic design. This high-performance system incorporates exclusive measurement modes that provide very accurate results for any application, and enables simultaneous live monitoring of both vertical and horizontal machine corrections. Specialist analysis tools like the soft foot diagnostic tool have also been integrated for an accurate assessment of the machine condition. 


Full VGA TFT sunlight readable colour screen and backlit alphanumeric keyboard  Aligns horizontal, vertical and flanged mounted machines  Aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts  Aligns entire trains of up to 14 machines  Aligns cardan and spacer shafts  Soft foot measurement, diagnosis and correction  Thermal growth evaluation  Wireless Communication and USB interface for PC and printer  Different measurement modes to suit any application   Heavy-duty lithium-ion rechargeable battery  TolChek-automatic evaluation of alignment condition  Fixed feet selection resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems  Intelligent word completion  Patented single beam technology for laser adjustment  Rigid pre-assembled universal brackets  Windows based PC software for job set-up, archival and reporting  Technical Specifications

Measurement of flatness at a higher level. LEVALIGN Ultra is the successor to the proven LEVALIGN. This cutting-edge system, which is now based on the ultra-modern ROTALIGN Ultra computer, answers to industry’s needs for quick and efficient measurement of surface flatness. The computer’s large color backlit display shows all relevant information, including a context sensitive menu, in a self-explanatory manner. As an example, in the result screen, the colored tolerance code for eachmeasured point indicates if and to what extent tolerances are met. The system provides an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m up to a diameter of 40 m. Use the freeware ALIGNMENT REPORTER to print detailed customized measurement reports and to backup measurement files on the PC. For more demanding applications, use ALIGNMENT CENTER the optional WindowsTM based PC software platform to generate colour measurement reports, measure infinite number of points and verify parallelism between different surfaces.

Complete hardware and software package
InfiniSplice™ measurement for infinite number of points and surface areas
Wireless communication between computer and receiver (optional)
Select any number of fixed/reference points
Compare measurement files
Measure angles between surfaces
Present result values as positive, negative or both positive and negative
Variety of reference planes
Concise navigation
Context sensitive menu
Large backlit color screen
USB connection for peripheral devices: PC, printer, memory stick
Heavy-duty Li-Ion battery Housing for disposable batteries (optional)
Cost effective upgrade for existing ROTALIGN Ultra customers
Export to Excel
Customize reports
HTML reports
Technical Specifications

For more information, please contact our Mr Dennis Janse (sales) +31 6.20.696.954 or Jan de Koning (technology) +31 6.20.696.835