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Propulsion gearbox project in Eemhaven

Propulsion gearbox project in Eemhaven

Last summer we received a request from a Danish shipping company that was moored in the Eemhaven in Pernis.

The customer had asked us to carry out an overhaul on the gearbox of the Hangzhou Advance brand.

This concerned the gearbox that drives the ship, also known as the propulsion gearbox.

This is of course an important part of a ship that ships goods all over the world. The time that the ship was moored in the harbor could well be used to carry out this overhaul.

After the customer's approval of our quotation, all the necessary materials were ordered from our supplier and after this delivery our engineer was on the road to Pernis to carry out the overhaul on board the ship.

A routine job? Maybe, but no on-site job is the same at GBS. Our engineer was now working on a ship in the port, but next time he will be back in a chemical plant in Belgium or, for example, at a cement plant in the Middle East. We never know exactly in advance what kind of projects will come in, but they are certainly not boring!

Pictures from the project are included below. If you are interesed in our services, contact our sales department today.