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Digital online communciation with customers

We seek the highest degree of integrety. Therefore we will introduce for customers abroad the daily digital picture documents update site

Digital daily update
Sept 2009, Customers from abroad have to rely on paper and on our word. Confidence should also be actively encouraged by us. We want to be an trustfull open company.

From our experience with outsourcing abroad, travel distance and problems with delivery times, we searched for new ways to control the progress. Of cause, we don't say that you can't trust us, but we want to prove that you indeed can trust us! We want active prove that.

We will introduce soon for our foreign clients, on a secure site,  the progress of their projects through daily update pictures, papers etc. This service is free and not mandatory but is just at your disposal.

There will be 2 ways You can use this service:
a) by everyday login on the secure protected site
b) to get an automatic update of any documents or pictures directly on your own pc. If we place new documents, you will get in 2 minutes time the update directly on your own pc or
    laptop where ever You are. In this option the customer can also put files the other way arround.