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GBS Gearbox Services is joining the laserclad serve market

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Laser cladding of shaft of crane drum

GBS Gearbox Services is starting an new laser cladding activity

GBS has added a new technology to serve our customers faster and increase the life-time of high wearing components

Laser cladding is a process to apply metal coatings using a laser as heat source. The laser melts the base material and an additive powder to create a protective coating. Unlike thermal spraying, welding, or plating, laser cladding provides a strong metallurgical bond with minimal dilution of the base material, precise thickness control, and a small heat effected zone. This technique provides a faster and more cost efficient repair for our customers. Expensive one-of-a-kind components don’t have to be remanufactured; they can be repaired within days instead of months!
GBS Gearbox Services is joining the High Tech Centre in Delft GBS was contacted by one of our customers with an emergency request

One of the cranes had severe problems with the shaft and bearings of the driving drum, it generated so much heat that it had to be cooled down with cold water to prevent fire hazard. Our diagnostic engineer arrived on site to inspect the driving drum, his findings were:
  • Journal shaft showed signs of bearing rotation
  • Multiple pieces of the laser cladded layer were broken out
  • Journal shaft showed signs of high temperature
  • Journal shaft showed fit corrosion

  • After considering all overhaul proposals, the customer decided that we would laser clad the journal shaft and restore it to its original measurements. Due to the urgency of this project we had to assemble the technology as well as the expertise as fast as possible. Luckily our head of engineering had a lot of experience with laser cladding and could find the right machine/tools very fast.
    GBS Gearbox Services is joining the High Tech Centre in Delft After finding the tools we needed, we converted our large turning machine to be able to fit the laser cladding equipment. First we rough-machined the shafts surface to prepare it for laser cladding. Then tested and prepared the laser clad equipment before laser cladding the journal shaft.
    After the cladding we machined the shaft to its final measurements. Due to damage on the spacers during disassembly we also had to make new spacers.
    Finally we assembled new bearings, bearing blocks and seals.
    All together it took us only 5 weeks to completely overhaul this driving drum.

    Scope of work:
  • On-site inspection of the driving drum and technical report with recommendations
  • Laser cladding and machining the damaged journal shaft restoring it to its original measurements
  • Machining new spacers
  • Assembling the driving drum with new bearing blocks, bearings and seals
  • On-site commissioning and testing