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Hansen gearbox inspection and overhaul in Botlek, Rotterdam

Hansen gearbox inspection and overhaul in Botlek, Rotterdam

One of our clients, who is one of the largest producers of PVC in the world, contacted us to do an inspection for a gearbox from the brand Hansen. The client is located in the Botlek area in Rotterdam. An industrial area where a lot of chemical plants are situated.

We serve a lot of clients in this area. The Botlek is rather close to our headquarters in Oud-Beijerland, which helps us serve these clients in the best possible way.

After we received the gearbox from the client in our workshop, our engineers started with the inspection. Several issues emerged, and we recommended to the client to fully overhaul the gearbox. A member of our sales team contacted the client to discuss the inspection and to make an offer to overhaul the gearbox.

After the overhaul was done, we performed a test-run is our in-house testing facility. The gearbox passed all the tests, so we made the gearbox ready or shipment back to the client. The gearbox is now back at the clients chemical plant where it is being used in a chemical reactor.

Pictures from the project are included below. If you are interesed in our services, contact our sales department today.