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GBS is looking for a field diagnostic engineer

GBS is looking for a field diagnostic engineer

What makes the work at GBS so diverse is that we serve customers in different sectors. Gearboxes can be found in, for example, ships, cranes, but also in chemical factories.

A Belgian customer from the chemical sector approached us in November 2018 with the request to carry out a check on 2 JSW gearboxes on-site in Antwerp during the annual factory shutdown.

The purpose of the inspection was to determine whether the gearboxes were still in good condition or whether a revision might have to be carried out. Our field diagnostic engineer set off to Antwerp to perform the on-site gearbox inspection.

Via the inspection hatch in the gearboxes it was possible to determine with the videoscope whether the gears were still in good condition. Our field diagnostic engineer issued an inspection report and proposal for revision based on these findings. For our customers in the chemical sector it is important that the production process is not endangered due to a defect in, for example, a gearbox. The annual factory shutdown is the perfect time to have the gearboxes checked.

A field diagnostic engineer differs from the service engineer in that he must be able to trace the cause without opening the gearbox. For this he has for example the videoscope at his disposal but also an infrared camera, vibration measurement and analysis instruments and laser alignment and flatness measuring equipment. An interesting job that is mainly performed on-site.