GBS Gearbox Services international brand of Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V.
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Company Profile GBS Gearbox

Our Drive Technology Expertises

Gearbox Machine Diagnostics

Machine Diagnostics

Our team of inspection engineers is one of the most experienced and well educated in Western Europe.

We have done many inspections and Failure root cause analyses in many industrial, maritime and wind industries.

Further our department has knowledge on
- Condition based maintenance
- Equipment health management
- Torque and power measurements
Inspection of gearboxes

Onsite gearbox inspection, repair, alignment and commissioning

Our service engineers have besides their tremendous commitment and flexibility, also a great knowledge of gearboxes in their specific environment. Often the environment is the basis for earlier failure. In addition to onsite inspections and assembly, we can execute the following:
-Field trim balancing
-Geometrical measurements
-Thermal growth studies
-Torque and power measurements
Onsite gear measurement

Onsite gear measurement

We have an portable 6 axes gear measurement tool. With this measurement tool we can check and measure the profiles on-site of unknown gears.

For our customers, this has the advantage that we can measure components in the gearbox. Vulnerable parts need no longer to be transported with all the risks. Gearboxes should be opened just for an short lead-time. Existing heavy gears that should be replaced, doesn't need to be transported with high costs.
Engineering of gearboxes


Our engineering department focuses on all issues of gearboxes.

A broad practical experience combined with modern equipment makes us distinctive.

Our department consists of employees with an average of 15 years experience in gearboxes of many brands for many applications, such as wind, the dredging industry, shipping, energy production and container and bulk handling.

Machining of gears, gearbox housings and other related parts

Our company has an machining department with about 35 employees. From 2009, we have made significant investments in new machinery, including a Niles for grinding the gears. Furthermore, we have started the production of gears on 5-axis milling machines. Our production portfolio in terms of gearboxes looks therefore as follows:
-white-metal bearings
Inspection and repair of gearboxes in our workshop

Inspection and repair of gearboxes in our workshop

From 2009 we have trained a group of 20 engineers, which work as well on site as our workshop. Our main tasks are:
-complete inspection,
-reporting and

In 2016 we will expand our company with a specially equipped assembly hall.
Test run of gearboxes

Test run of gearboxes all our gearboxes

All our gearboxes are subjected to a test to our test stand.

GBS Gearbox Services develops a triple-500 kW-Oil-Purity test facility, which will be ready mid 2016.

Laser Cladding

In the cabin, we can roughly handle big size of objects:
  • long spindles having a length up to 8 meters and an outside diameter of 3-4 meters
  • other objects which we can be placed on a rotary table with a diameter of 3-4 meters and a height of 3 meters
    Zero leakage Program for gearboxes

    Zero leakage program

    We are willing to determine de common cause of failure and to find an solution to reduce the failure mode of oil-gaskets and -seals.

    We will do research to find the root cause of different leakages and provide professional advice to our customers.

    Onsite project teams

    Conditioning Monitoring Systems

    Automated online condition monitoring for rotating machinery

    Maintenance Management of gearboxes

    Maintenance Management of gearboxes

    At this moment we have custom software for capturing our inspections and repairs. For our larger clients we are currently developing a management system for all their gearboxes, allowing current status, required actions and history are transparant.


    Condition of the Gearbox Something is clearly wrong

    (mostly damage)
    Something seems to be wrong
    but what?
    (gearbox is running)
    Nothing seems to be wrong

    just check!
    On site trouble shooting
    Machinery health or condition inspections
    By means of video scope, vibration measurement,
    Torque measurement, Thermal pictures and other type of inspections we determine the condition of the gearbox and the more important the cause of arising damage. Our goal is to determine the existing life-time and/or the exact cause of the damage, to be able to develop with our engineering department an modification, so further damage can never again happen.
    Gearbox Inspection
    Dismantling, normal inspection
    Inspection Report
    Engineering, Failure root cause analysis
    Our inspections includes:
    - Contact pattern checking
    - Check dimensions and tolerances
    - Damage cause analysis
    - Strength calculations
    We allways make an full inspection report. Inspections can be done in our factory and on location.
    Gearbox repair
    Engineering of parts and modifications
    Machining and manufactoring of parts
    Assembling of the gearbox
    Repair Report
    Our repairs includes:
    - Fabrication of components and machining of
       to-be-repaired parts
    - assembly of the gearbox in our shop or on site
    - Contact pattern checking
    - Test run
    We allways make an full repair report. Repairs can be done in our factory and on location.

    Gearbox commissioning
    Workshop functional testing
    Geometrical measurements of foundations
    Machinery Alignment
    Start-up assistance and acceptance
    All our repaired gearboxes will be tested on our test- ing facilities, on location we can perform:
    - geometrical measurements (flatness of casings
       and foundations)
    - shaft alignment services
    - start-up assistance and acceptance
    Other on-site services
    Field trim balancing (single and multi plane)
    Geometrical measurements
    Thermal growth studies
    Torque and power measurements