GBS Gearbox Services international brand of Schaaf- en Boorwerk Rotterdam B.V.
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Indepenent inspection, fastest repair and lifetime maintenance

Diagnostics Techniques

- Vibration analysers (single and multi channel)
- Pruftechnik Rotalign
- Pruftechnik Levalign ultra flatness measurement system
- GE Videoscope
- Multi channel data recorders
- Pruftechnik Rotalign
- Manner telematrical systems for torque and power measurements
- Infrared camara

Vibration analysing with Dual channel partable data collector / signal analyzer
For predictive maintenance of:
- Power lines
- Electrical Panels
- Gearboxes
- Bearings
- Compressors
- Insulation
- Coolers
- Steam Lines
- Motors

Using thermography to indicate a failure point before major damage is caused is very cost effective in reducing down time and improving efficiencies. Thermographic inspections can also be used for other applications such as heat conservation thus reducing heating costs for homes or Building facilities.