PIV JPD75-R11-V25-90

Inspection and repair project on PIV JPD75-R11-V25-90 gearbox

Inspection and repair on PIV JPD75-R11-V25-90 gearbox

  • PIV gearbox
  • JPD75-R11-V25-90
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • PIV gearbox repair
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox PIV gearbox JPD75-R11-V25-90.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • Disassembling, cleaning and inspection of the gearbox.
  • Performing of the repair constructions.
  • Deploying of the inspection report.
  • Renewing of the coupling.
  • Renewing of all seals, bearings and innerrings.
  • Re-assembling of the gearbox.
  • Performing a test run.
  • Degreasing of the gearbox and conserving on the outside in excisting colour.
  • Preparing the gearbox for shipping.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - July 2013

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