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WGW ING 100/1000/300

Inspection and repair on WGW ING 100/1000/3000 gearbox

Inspection and repair on WGW ING 100/1000/3000 gearbox

  • WGW gearbox
  • ING 100/1000/3000
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • WGW gearbox repair
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox WGW ING 100/1000/3000.

We got this WGW ING 100/1000/3000 gearbox in our shop in The Netherlands. After a thorough inspection, we did a total overhaul and testing. After our quality control department was done, we send the gear unit back to our client.

Disassembly, cleaning and inspection

Bearings and seals
Renew various small materials
Assembly and adjustment
Guidance / work preparation
Test run with reporting
Drum and anchor head with new bronze buses
2x new cable clamps
2x Clean up drum shaft
Create a new pinion
Minimal grinding the gear
Create a new hollow axis
Repair Kasthuis
1x Bronze bus for hollow shaft
1x key for hollow shaft
1x key for pinion shaft
2x key for central axis
Chrome / grinding oil seal fitting of input pinion shaft
1x Hollow axis from central axis milling

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - January 2017

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