Inspection and repair of BHS RP32 DSU32

Inspection and repair of gearbox of brand BHS RP32 DSU32

  • BHS inspection
  • RP32 DSU32
    Krupp Stoekicht Getriebe
  • Power: 3100kW
    N1=1495 rpm
    Ratio=1 : 6.625
  • BRAND gearbox repair
  • belgium

Scope of work:

The conversion operations consists of:

  • The gearbox showed a heightened level of vibration. The owner, an big international comapny in Antwerp, contacted GBS International for inspection of their compressor drive.
  • The conclusions of this inspection:Severe damage has been observed on the planetary gears of the gearbox. The sun gear, planet gears and one annulus show clear indications of damage as a result of a one broken tooth which got stuck between the gears. The specific damage pattern (every other 5 teeth on the annulus) is caused by the common gear teeth divider of 5. The exact cause of the initial failure is unknown. One tooth on one of the planet gears showed a crack with indication of fatigue. Material defects or dimensional defects can not be excluded.

  • Renewal of the complete planetary system is required. Only the outer (stationary) annulus is visually free of damage. Crack testing and verification of the dimensions should indicate if this part is still re-useable.
  • The main bearing labyrinth should be renewed.
  • New planet pins need to be fabricated
  • The planet carrier needs to be tested for dimensions and cracks.
  • The mechanical lubrication pump including pinion needs to be delivered or ordered.

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Location - date:

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - March 2011

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