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Inspection and repair service on WGW AA-SCZ-600/2/S gearbox

Inspection and repair on WGW AA-SCZ-600/2/S gearbox

  • WGW gearbox
  • AA-SCZ-600/2/S
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox WGW AA-SCZ-600/2/S.

This client from THE NETHERLANDS came to us with this WGW AA-SCZ-600/2/S. We inspected the gearbox and performed a repair. After a successful test run we shipped the gearbox back to the client.

Vibration measurements were carried out on 25 June and 21 September. During these measurements, bearing error frequencies were measured on the 5th axis on the drum side. In order to assess the severity of these signals, a visual inspection has now been carried out for the second time on the inner and outer rings of the bearings. Extra attention was paid to metal grit or flakes coming from the bearings, no indications were found for this.

During the inspection, a leak was observed around the gearbox over the entire length of the division. The customer's employees have confirmed that this leakage has been around for quite some time, since the last revision.

Our recommendations are:

- To keep following the vibration levels of the bearings
- To perform a visual inspection once again in case of an increase or change of vibration levels
- Give extra attention to the cause of the oil leak during the next batch of the division.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - October 2017

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