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Inspection and repair of planetary gearbox of brand SEISA DPP323H

Inspection and repair of planetary gearbox of brand SEISA DPP323H

  • DPP323H
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • SEISA gearbox repair
  • Pakistan

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox SEISA DPP323H.

The first part of this job:
Customer detected an damaged innergear after high vibrations, asked our company to check the damage, supply new internals and assembly for temporary running at lower power

  • Checking the condition of the gears, bearings and gearbox
  • Measuring of all the spares to be replaced
  • Correction of all dammaged parts for temporary running at lower power
  • Assembly of the gearbox including aligning
  • Commisioning of the gearbox

On the 16th of October (in 13 days) the gearbox could run at 50% power, with continuously measuring of the vibrations.

This gearbox was originally build by OSAKA CHAIN & MACHINERY LTD.

The second part of this job
During our first visit we measured all the dimensions of the gears. We had to supply an new outer ring gear, 3 planetary gears, an new sun-gear, 2 new radial white metal bearings and 3 new roller bearings. We engineered the new gears and white metall bearings, made strenght calculation and produced these parts in the Netherlands in 7 weeks!
In december we transported all parts by air-freight to Pakistan.

The third part of this job
In the end of December we again visited Pakistan. We had to adjust the outer ringgear to the other parts of the housing in an local machine shop. After that we placed the gearbox, aligned the whole installation and started up. The commissioning was including vibration analyses and videoscopic checks. On the 14th of January the gearbox was running again.

The fourth section consists of monitoring
We agreed on an maintenance contract, where we will follow the gearbox performance on an weekly bases on distance

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Location - date:

Pakistan - October-January 2011

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