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Assistance replacing SB outer clutch of gearbox of brand FLENDER GVL 1250

Assistance replacing SB outer clutch of gearbox of brand FLENDER GVL 1250

  • Flender
    GVL 1250
  • GVL 1250
  • Input=n1 : 750 rpm
    n2 : 139.5 rpm
    2 x 4,320 kW
  • FLENDER gearboxes Repair

Scope of work:

GBS was invited to assist with the replacement of the starboard outer hydraulic clutch plates. The vessel is equipped with four W9L32 Wärtsilä diesel engines driving two propeller shaft via two Flender gearboxes. Each gearbox has two hydraulic Ortlinghaus clutches. Flender had inspected the starboard outer clutch after difficulties with clutching had been reported. The outcome of the inspection was that the clutch plates were worn and needed to be replaced.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • The clutch plates, the piston rings, the piston retraction springs and two O-rings were replaced.
  • The gearbox housing around the hydraulic clutch had been removed, cleaned and reinstalled.
  • The replaced clutch plates did not seem to be worn or warped. It was therefore recommended to keep these used clutch plates as spares. Due to continuous tension, the retraction springs were approximately 10 mm shorter than the new springs. These used springs as well as the piston rings were added to box with the used clutch plates. The hub and the outer drum of the coupling appeared in a visually good condition. Only minor markings of hammering of the clutch plates were observed.
  • The bolts attached to the Ortlinghaus coupling have been secured by Loctite or lock wire, depending on the configuration.
  • The clutch has been tested successfully. Leakage was not observed.

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Location - date:

Friedrichshafen, Denmark - June 2011
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