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Inspection and overhaul on BUSS G-160 gearbox

Inspection and repair on BUSS G-160 gearbox

  • BUSS gearbox
  • G-160
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox BUSS G-160.

This client from The Netherlands came to us with this BUSS G-160. We inspected the gearbox and performed a repair. After a succesful testrun we shipped the gearbox back to the client.

This page shows the findings of the inspection carried out on the Buss G-160 gearbox. The inspection was carried out after changing the gearbox and before commissioning the installation.

An additional inspection was carried out on 25 January. The installation was in operation during this second inspection and completely at operating temperature.

Sufficient lubrication has been observed visually at each bearing on site. After inspection of the old gearbox of mixer 1, no differences were found in the bearing and the piping.

The actual oil flow to the relevant bearing is still unknown and the current alarm has been bridged. The set lubricating oil quantity (1.7 l / min) to the slide bearing is intended for lubrication and cooling of the bearing in question. Visually it is clearly observed that the bearing gets lubrication and the measured temperatures are good.


- Determine lubricating oil pressure at connection 12 on the gearbox
- Determine the exact lubricating oil quantity (l / min) for the relevant plain bearing
- Have the oil sample analyzed (for the determination of any wear particles).

It is also advisable to check the flow at the current lubrication oil supply with the current spare gearbox.

There is no further control on location, which results in the reduction of the flow. If the exact flow to this bearing is known, it must be decided whether this is sufficient for the proper functioning of the installation.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - January 2018

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