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Inspection and repair project of BRUSSELLE AMO 10/1-1-1

Inspection and repair of BRUSSELLE AMO 10/1-1-1 gearbox

  • BRUSSELLE gearbox
  • AMO 10/1-1-1
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • BRUSSELLE gearbox repair
  • Netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a BRUSSELLE AMO 10/1-1-1.

The operations consists of:

The operations consists of:

  • Disassembly, clean and inspection of anchor winch
  • Sandblast and coating of the anchor winch
  • Replace all bearings and seals
  • Reassembly of the anchor winch

The work consisted of:

- Sandblasting of gearbox casing, bearing covers and bushes, drums, brakes, foundation plate and couplings
- Bottom of gearbox repaired by welding and with epoxy
- Internal preservation of gearbox has been provided with a new coating according specification customer
- External preservation of all parts has been provided with a new coating according specification customer
- Sharp edges of gearbox internals machined by hand. - All parts cleaned and dressed up (if it was necessary)
- Shaft diameter at brass sleeve bearing position (output shaft) have been machined, laser cladded and ground
- Drum machined at brake position. - Brake pads renewed
- Chain wheel and 2 brass bearings renewed (delivered by Van Oord Ship Management)
- Bearings, seals, wear bushes, Ortlinghaus clutch and hydraulic motor renewed (delivered by Van Oord Ship Management)
- Assembly of the anchor winch
- Bearings with loose fit mounted with Loctite during assembly
- Adjustment of axial clearances of shafts
- Creating end stop for brake handles

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Location - date:

Netherlands - March 2016

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