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Inspection and repair of HANSEN RNG24-S gearbox

Inspection and repair of HANSEN RNG24-S gearbox

  • HANSEN gearbox
  • RNG24-S
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Hansen Gearbox Repair
  • sweden

Scope of work:

We performed inspection and repair on a gearbox HANSEN RNG24-S.

The conversion operation consists of:

  • Gearbox casing
    • Outside box was in poor condition, we had to scrape, to polish, to degrease and to conserve in the excisting colour.
    • Inside box was in poor condition.

  • Inside first gear set
    • In way of the oil seal, rough-turn at seal location, add chrome to surface and fine-turn.
    • The toothing is regrinded minimal.

  • Inside second gear set
    • There was scuffing in way of the oil seal.
    • The output shaft has been renewed.

  • Miscellaneous
    • Seals and bearings were renewed.
    • The ventilator and the disc coupling to support impeller were renewed.
    • The input bearing cap and holder were renewed.

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Location - date:

Sweden - January 2014

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