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MAPRE E 2.6 100-02

Gearbox inspection and repair of MAPRE E 2.6 100-02

Gearbox inspection and repair of MAPRE E 2.6 100-02

  • MAPRE gearbox
  • E 2.6 100-02
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox MAPRE E 2.6 100-02.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • The further dismantling of the TWK, cleaning and inspecting the gearbox.
  • Prepare a complete inspection, including measurements.
  • Stop Point.

- Inbound Planetary TWK (Elsto) not in this scope; the customer has recently renewed this, just test run in our

Proposal Revision and supplies:
• The execution of the repair as described in our inspection.
• The renewal of the bearings and seals, GBS Gearbox Services delivery.
• Update of various consumables like gaskets, mounts, etc, GBS delivery.
• The refit of the gearbox.
• If necessary, the surfaces of the bearing covers about axial bearing clearances.
• Checking the contact pattern and flank clearances.
• Bench test preparations, gear preparation, fill with oil and no-load test for 4 hours, at which this decline will be
  presented to a representative of customer.
• Gearbox assembly after degreasing and externally with a coat of paint.
• Gearbox prepare for shipping.
• Gearbox delivered to customer.

• Update of the axial bearing package (pos.19) was excluded from this offer, in consultation with the client.
• If the operation runs with synthetic gearbox oil, the oil available to the customer.
• In response speed is provided by the customer.
• Any on-site assembly, align the gearbox and E-motor, settlement is based on costing on the basis of the
  declaration endorsed by our timesheets Benelux 2009 standard list rates, see Annex.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - September 2009

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