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Inspection and repair service on VALMET UNKNOWN gearbox

Inspection and repair on VALMET UNKNOWN gearbox

  • VALMET gearbox repair
  • Belgium

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox VALMET UNKNOWN.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • Revision construction and supply comprehensive:
  • Disassembling and cleaning of the gearbox.
  • Inspection of all parts of the gearbox:

    • Gearbox casing:
    • A visual inspection of the gearbox casing for bursts.
    • A visual inspection of the conservation on the inside and the outside.
    • A visual inspection of the holes for damages and dimensions.
    • Stoppoint.

    • Inside:
    • Controlling of the condition of the serrations of all gearings.
    • Controlling of the bearings for damages.
    • Controlling of contact patterns and back lashes of al gearings.
    • Controlling of the shaftsizes t.p.n. the bearings, oilcatchers and couplings for dimensions and damages.
    • Renewing of the output shaft.

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Location - date:

Belgium - January 2013

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