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Inspection and repair of ASUG GVE 800x3,75-800x0,4

Inspection and repair of ASUG GVE 800x3,75-800x0,4 gearbox

  • ASUG gearbox
  • GL-100
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • ASUG gearbox repair
  • netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and revision on gearbox ASUG GVE 800x3,75-800x0,4.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • Performing of a visual inspection of the gearbox.
  • Deploying of the inspection report.

  • The gearbox is considered to be in good condition.

    No reason could be found for the increased levels of tin (Sn) in the oil. A possibility can be that the tin particles remained in the oil after the repair of the gearbox. Not all white metal bearings where possible to inspect.

    No significant damage was observed to the gears and bearings.

    A small oil leakage was observed on the lower starboard side inspection cover. The leakage was resolved.

    It is recommended to:
    - To perform a visual inspection with vibration measurements and alignment check of the gearbox, every year.
    - To follow the maintenance schedule as specified in the gearbox manual.
    - Increase the interval frequency of the oil analyses, from once a year, to at least once every 3 months.
    - Check and thoroughly clean the filter pod and filter elements.
    - If the level of tin, increases over time in the oil analyses. It is recommended to open the gearbox, to be able to fully inspect the white metal bearings.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - Juli 2016

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