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 Manner Torque Transducer

Repair and on-site training of Manner Torque Transducer System

Repair and on-site training of Manner Torque Transducer System

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  • India

Scope of work:

Customer is experiencing problems with and lack of specific knowledge of Torque Transducer Systems on board of one of their vessels. Job at hand is to instruct vessel’s crew on maintenance and operation of the systems. This is done by on-site training during normal operation of the vessel’s equipment.

At the company GBS Gearbox Services. Mr JV works for the gearbox division, which bears the trade name Gearbox Services International (GBS). Within GBS JV holds the position of Senior Diagnostics Engineer.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of activities related to this position

  • Performance of gearbox visual inspections
  • Performance of housing vibration measurements at rotating equipment,
  •   focusing on gearboxes, driving and driven units
  • Performance of shaft vibration measurements at turbine driven rotating
  •   equipment
  • Performance of shaft alignments, bore alignments and planar
  •   measurements
  • Performance of geometric measurements at rotating equipment
  • Performance of dynamic torque measurements
  • Maintenance and user instruction on torque transducer systems
  • Consulting, training and advice on all of the above

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Location - date:

India - January 2010
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