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AMARILLO HH-350 Gearbox Repair

AMARILLO HH-350 Gearbox Repair

  • HH-350
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • AMARILLO gearbox repair
  • netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed a repair on AMARILLO HH-350.

We did a visual inspection and complete overhaul on this AMARILLO HH-350 gearbox from one of our clients in the Netherlands. After a succesfull test run, we shipped the AMARILLO HH-350 gearbox back to our client.

The work consisted of:

The minimum mechanical clean-up bore for the input coupling
Oversize renewal of the Incoming axis
Outgoing axis t.p.v. keyway oil pump, slightly knocked out, minimal clean up
Renewing the bearings and (shaft) seals.
Renewing various small material such as gaskets, fasteners, etc
Re-assembling the gearbox
Flattening the bearing covers i.v.m if necessary. axial bearing clearances
Checking the bearing pattern and flank play for the conical gear set
Checking the axial bearing clearances
Oil cooler, water connections heavily rusted, this refresh, cooler extorted, okay
Prepare the test stand, set up the gearbox, fill it with oil and test it without load for 4 hours, whereby it will be presented to a gearbox for degreasing, scraping, sanding and preserving in 2-layer paint in the existing color
Prepare the gearbox for shipment

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - January 2017

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