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Inspection and repair of ASUG STG-2-900

Inspection and repair of ASUG STG-2-900 gearbox

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  • STG-2-900
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  • ASUG gearboxes repair
  • netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and revision on gearbox ASUG STG-2-900.

This presents the findings of the visual inspection, vibration analysis and shaft alignment check, performed on the generator gearbox of Asug. For the inspection of the gears and bearings of the gearbox, a videoscope was used. Clear images can be viewed and recorded by a videoscope at locations with limited accessibility.

No apparent problems have been found during the inspection that could explain the excessive noise level of the gearbox as described by the crew at normal operational conditions.

The following recommendations are applicable based on the above     mentioned conclusions:

  • Replace and correctly adjust the clearance of the high speed shaft bearings.
  • Check the intermediate and output shaft axial clearance.
  • Replace the coupling elements of the generator shaft. Check the axial stress on the coupling membranes. The membranes should not be deformed (bended) during operation. Accurate torque measurements (with strain gauges) can be taken on the spacer of the coupling if the problem remains.

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - March 2013

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