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Inspection and repair service of FLENDER T3-DH-9-D gearbox

Inspection and repair of FLENDER T3-DH-9-D gearbox

  • FLENDER gearbox
  • T3-DH-9-D
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and revision on FLENDER gearbox T3-DH-9-D.

We did a total review and total overhaul on this FLENDER T3-DH-9-D gearbox from a client in Netherlands. After a succesfull test run, we shipped the FLENDER T3-DH-9-D gearbox back to this client.

The gearbox of the intermediate belt shows corrosion on the teeth.

In addition, an indication of incorrect gestation has also been found on the last stage. Possibly this incorrect toothing has to do with excessive bearing clearance. The blue carriage and spellings must be taken before the gearbox is dismantled. The gearbox of the interpreter tire shows no details in addition to oil deposits on all parts. The oil deposit could be caused by fitting corrosion. Fitting corrosion is a wear phenomenon that occurs when two parts, due to the pressure exerted on it, move slightly relative to each other (micro-slip).

As a result of this movement, the parts can either cold-weld or wear together temporarily. The bearing bores on this gearbox will probably be worn out. In order to make the transfer of the gearboxes as smooth as possible, we ask you to send the drawings and parts list of this gearbox as soon as possible.

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Location - date:

Netherlands - September 2016

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