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Renk gearbox

Repairing gearbox of Renk on-site

Reductor Renk repair
Repairing gearbox of Renk on-site

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  • RENK SWUF80N gearbox repair
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Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox RENK SWUF80N .

Disassembly, repair, cleaning and inspection on gearbox Renk SWUF80N.

Our recommendations:
Due to the fact that the gearbox parts are all in good conditions, except the Ahead and possible the Astern friction and because the VULKAN coupling is twisted and cracked, we assume that there must be an outside coarse / incident / accident. It’s possible that those sudden forces came from the propellor. We recommend to further inspect the both frictions further after which we can make an full quotation.

After the inspection we preformed an overhaul of the gearbox.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • Repair of the forward friction.
  • Repair of the reverse friction.
  • Overhaul of both pumps; cooler tobe discussed later.
  • End plate cover will be modified with blind plate.
  • New elastic elements for the VULCAN EZ275.
  • Repair WABCO valve.

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Location - date:

Martinique - May-June 2011

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