W.G.W. KSHK 1330 S/So

W.G.W. KSHK 1330 S/So Gearbox repair

Repair gearbox of brand W.G.W. KSHK 1330 S/So

  • WGWgearbox repair
  • KSHK 1330 S/So
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • WGW gearbox repair
  • NL

Scope of work:

We performed repair on a gearbox WGW gearbox repair KSHK 1330 S/So.

A client from Netherlands came to us with this W.G.W. KSHK 1330 S/So gear unit. We investigated the unit and did a total overhaul. After the overhaul was done, we did a lot of testing and prepared the gear unit to be shipped back to this client.

Scope of work:

- Cleaning, inspection and assembly
- Renew bearings, seals and various small materials
- Test run with test run protocol
- Updating the gearbox internally and externally scraping, sanding, degreasing and preserving in accordance with EECV specification
- Transport (delivery)

- Connecting the bearing
- Connecting the bearing
- Applying oversized dowel pins
- Renew the machine-minimum clean-up spacer rings and spacer bush for the input conical pinion shaft
- Inside work 1st stage, check teeth manually
- Conical gear set, check teeth on the lap bench
- Inside work 2nd stage, check teeth manually
- Outgoing hollow shaft (pos. 9) connecting with respect to seal on both sides, material 42CrMo4 i.v.m. Viton oil seals
- Renew bronze bush (2 pieces) for outgoing hollow shaft
- Renew labyrinth ring outgoing side
- Replace blind cover for outgoing labyrinth cover
- Replace breather cap (2 pieces)
- Change the oil dipstick

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Location - date:

The Netherlands - July 2016

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