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Inspection and repair on RHENANIA AWNG 45/50S gearbox

Inspection and repair on RHENANIA AWNG 45/50S gearbox

  • RHENANIA gearbox
  • AWNG 45/50S
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • RHENANIA gearbox repair
  • France

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox RHENANIA AWNG 45/50S.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • Disassembly on board
    • All piping and electric connections were removed.
    • Hydraulic pump for the rudder control was removed.
    • The input shaft coupling was disconnected from the main engine.
    • The propeller shaft bolts were removed.
    • Foundation bolts were left in place for safety
    • A hole was cut and the main engine exhaust was removed to make it possible to remove the gearbox by a mobile crane.

  • Inspections in our workshop
    • The complete gearbox was dissambled, including the oil cooler and the hydraulic block.
    • All bearings and seals were removed.
    • Oil pipes were flushed thoroughly.
    • The complete gearbox was cleaned to get a good overview of the condition of the gearbox.

  • Assembling in our workshop
    • During assembly, all bearings and seals were renewed.
    • End covers were machined to the required axial bearing play.
    • Multiple parts were renewed: input shaft, pump gear, oil pump, astern shaft, clutch plates etc.

  • Test run in our workshop
    • After assembly, a test rum was performed to check for leakages and adjust the lubrication pressure.

  • Assembling on board
    • The input shaft coupling was re-assembled using new coupling rubbers.
    • Hydraulic pump for the rudder control was re-assembled.
    • Gearbox was re-aligned.
    • The output shaft was connected, bolts were assembled with the use of Molykote.
    • All piping and electrical components were re-assembled.
    • The gearbox was filled up with oil.

  • Test run on board (trials)
    • The main engine was started and gearbox was tested without clutching.
    • Rudder control was checked for proper functioning.
    • Low pressure alarm was adjusted according the gearbox manual.
    • Clutching was tested both manually and with bridge control.
    • Temperatures and lubrication pressure was recorded for four hours during sailing.
    • The gearbox was filled up with oil.

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Location - date:

France - January 2014

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