Inspection and repair on FLENDER G1-750VY gearbox

Inspection and repair on FLENDER G1-750VY gearbox

  • FLENDER gearbox
  • G1-750VY
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Germany

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox FLENDER G1-750VY.

This client from Germany came to us with this FLENDER G1-750VY. We inspected the gearbox and performed a repair. After a succesful testrun we shipped the gearbox back to the client.

GBS international was invited to perform the below mentioned work:

Scope of work:

- Inspection propulsion gearbox, Flender GA 845.

During inspection not, all bearings and gears could be inspected.

Small leakages were observed around the gearbox at the seals and on the OD-box.

The generator shaft bearings show wear, scratches and small indentations. The conditions of these bearings can be considered as non-acceptable.

Small steel particles were observed in the filter elements.

During the last oil sample there was found water inside the oil of the gearbox. Water in the oil can reduce the lifetime of the bearings and the gears.


- Perform an overhaul on the gearbox to renew all bearings and seals.
- Overhaul the OD-box during the overhaul by a dealer/supplier.
- Inspect all white metal bearings that were not visible during inspection and measure all radial and axial clearances when the propeller shaft is disconnected.
- Perform a test run after the overhaul to check all temperatures and to check for leakages.

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Location - date:

Germany - February 2018

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