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Inspection and Testrun on gearbox Rhenania

  • Rhenania getriebe
  • AWNG 4013
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Rhenania overhaul
  • UK

Scope of work:

Visual inspection of RHENANIA gearbox. During the inspection several damaged parts were observed. Repair and/or replacement of these parts is required. Because of the partial disassembly, not all parts were accessible for inspection. Further disassembly of the propulsion gearbox is required to complete the extensive inspection.

Our recommendations:

  • Inspect and clean all parts including piping.
  • Obtain geometric measurements of the gearbox housing.
  • Perform non-destructive testing of gears and casing.
  • Replace/repair damaged parts.
  • Replace all bearings and seals.
  • Check tooth contact patterns.
  • Measure backlashes.
  • Measure bearing clearances (radial and axial).
  • Perform test run.
  • Perform an alignment check between output shaft and propeller shaft.
  • Change the oil before putting back into service.

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Location - date:

Fraserburgh, Scotland - June 2011

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