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Gearbox overhaul of brand STORD RS 64

Gearbox overhaul of brand STORD RS 64

  • STORDgearbox
  • RS-64
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Belgium

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox STORD RS-64.

The conversion operations consists of:

  • One of our customers in the sugar industry had the oil of four of their gearboxes analyzed.

    After analyzing the oil it was found that the oil contained metal pieces and water. With this in mind, Gearbox Services International was contacted to perform a visual inspection with an endoscope to determine whether there was any damage in the gearboxes or not.
  • After an inspection on-site, it was concluded that two of the gearboxes had a minor misalignment. The two other gearboxes, both Stord RS 64, had major problems. Both were inspected with a videoscope and had heavily corroded bearings, as well as damaged gears due to line pitting.

    With this information the customer asked for an inspection in the workshop and a quotation for both repairs.
  • During the complete disassembling and inspection in our shop we used magnetic fluxing to check all the gears on cracks. This magnetic fluxing resulted in two more gears rejections of gears.

    After negotiation with the customer we advised to create one gearbox from the two of them, in order to reduce costs. A spare gearbox was in stock at the factory of the customer, so the production process was not disturbed.
  • By using both gear sets and turning some of gears, the inner side of the gearbox was all right. Due to the fact that water was in the oil, all inspection covers, seals and filters were also replaced. The inner side of the gearbox casing was cleaned and a new coating on the inside and outside was created.

    After reassembling the gearbox and performing a full test run, the gearbox was ready for production.

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Location - date:

Belgium and GBS Gearbox Services International, The Netherlands
June 2010

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