Repair of CONRAD B3DH8B gearbox

Repair of Conrad B3DH8B gearbox

  • CONRAD STORK gearbox repair
  • B3DH8B
  • Input=___ rpm / ____ KW
  • Stork Gearbox Repair
  • Netherlands

Scope of work:

We performed an inspection and repair on a gearbox CONRAD STORK B3DH8B.

A customer from Netherlands contacted us about this CONRAD STORK B3DH8B gearbox. We inspected the gearbox and did a full overhaul. After the revision was succesfully done, we did a test and prepared the gearbox to be shipped back to our client.

Before dismantling, the coupling was clutched in and out to investigate the problem. When clutching in and out, the pos. 16, and pos. 122 rings moved in vertical direction, indicating is a problem with the bearing arrangement. This was also observed during an earlier inspection. In response to the earlier inspection, spare parts were arranged on board.

Dismantling was started by removing the pos. B and pos. 95 bolts and pins. After dismantling the pins and bolts, the split ring pos. 10 was removed. Normally, after removing the split rings, it is necessary to remove pos. 11 to gain enough space to dismantle the flexible part. The ring with pos. 11 was not found installed.

Next the bolts and pins with pos. 91 and 64 were removed. After this, a lifting arrangement was made to secure the position of the flexible part.

Location - date:

Netherlands - Januari 2016
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