Overhaul of gearbox SEW SSG 5

SEW gearbox overhaul SEW gearbox overhauling
SEW getriebe uberholung Uberholung SEW getriebe
SEW getriebe reparatur  
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Scope of work:
Performing a standard overhaul your gearbox, including visual inspection on site with an endoscope through a threaded hole.

The standard overhaul consists mainly of:
• General cleaning and disassembly of all components.
• Inspection and reporting. (stop point)
• The drawing up of the entire inside, including geometry of the
• Assembly and testing.

Turnaround gearbox overhaul:
• The inspection will be within 3 days after delivery gearbox
• The time required by us to carry out revision work will be
  reported in inspection report aswell as associated costs
  for revision.

Refurbishment works and supplies including:
• The information you provide to gearbox completely dismantle and
• Inspecting the components comprising:

Cabinet House:
- The visual check of the closet at home cracks, where possible.
- Checking the preservation of visual internal and external.
- Checking the drilling damage and sizes.

- Checking condition of the teeth of all the gearing.
- Checking the bearings for damage phenomena.
- The check images and flank wear twists of all gearing.
- Checking the Asmat t.p.v. the bearings, oil seals, gears and
   links to dimensions and lesions.

• The renewal of the bearings and seals, supply SB Worldwide
• Update of various consumables like gaskets, mountings,
  etc, supply SB Worldwide
• The refit of the gearbox.
• If necessary, machining the surfaces of the bearing covers
  to get the correct axial bearing clearances.
• Monitoring and recording of images and flank wear twists in the
• Monitoring and recording of the axial clearances in the
• Bench test preparations, gear preparation, fill with oil and no-
  load test for 4 hours, at which this decline will be presented to a
  representative Sitech Manufacturing Services.
• Gearbox ready for shipment.
• The delivery within 2 weeks after sending a complete overhaul
  file containing the report form, trial protocol and turn drawings
  (DWG) of the inside.
Location - date:
The Netherlands - September 2009
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